My name is Mia Muscade

My name is Mia Muscade


Tizanmi (little friend in creole) are inspired character pillows.

Here meet Mia

First name: Mia

Last name: Muscade (Nutmeg)

I am from the island of Grenada , I am yellow on the outside

and I am used to make jelly.

When ripe, I open by myself so you can see the red web called “mace” (used for cooking and pastries),

The black shell under the mace is used to flavor BBq,

inside the shell there is a nut used for cooking .

I am great for digestion.

I grow on a small tree that bears fruits for more than 60 years.

Everyone is double-sided with matching colors on the back.

They come packed in an appropriate fabric drawstring bag (15"x 12")

Pillows are approximately 13 inches tall. Width tends to vary from about 7 inches to 8 inches.Deep vary 3 inches to 4 inches

Every single pillow is printed and hand dyed on soft short plush 100% cotton fabric extremely soft (which makes it perfect for cuddling)

and hand-stuffed with poly-fil. If you need to remove the stuffing for some reason or want to wash the pillow w/o the

stuffing inside, it's as easy as unfolding.

Each item in my shop is handmade, hand dyed and painted with soft non toxic water base paint and dye.

All the process is handmade.

All pillows and bags are hand-washable. Wash in warm water with a mild liquid detergent. Hang or machine dry.

May require some iron touch up. No bleach please.

Looking for something unique ? Your are welcome to my studio:

Please contact me with any questions.

As always, all my items are from a smoke free and ethical environment.

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